We've spent years refining how we deliver our training to make it seamless for people with real lives and responsibilities.

Choose 15, 30, or 45 minute sessions to fit the time you have that day


Each session includes dedicated prep time, so no need to warm up beforehand

Built in tracking, timing, and logging so you learn from each session



Low-intensity sessions to keep making progress even when you're not feeling 💯

🙋‍♀️ Still got questions? We've got answers...

What equipment is required?How is this different from Elements?Do I have to do Elements first?Am I too old? Too fat? Too inexperienced?Will this help me with [your sport]?What moves will I learn?Is this a good program for women?

Sequences is the most efficient way to get the smooth, agile confidence you see in high-level athletes. Usually you’d have to spend thousands of dollars on workshops and coaching to get results like these. 

But with Sequences you get lifetime access to over 3 months of proven training for less than most one-day workshops.

Can I combine this with other training?GET FLOWING

✓ Lifetime Access
✓ Brilliant Support
✓ Results Guaranteed

🤝 Results Guaranteed: If you’re not moving noticeably better in the first two weeks, we don’t want your money. Send us an email within 14 days of your purchase and we’ll give you a full refund.

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You just show up and press start. Sequences always picks up where you left off and walks you step-by-step through exactly what you need to build functional movement flow.

We spent years refining the tech and programming to make sure Elements will complement and improve what you're already doing.


For years people have been asking us: 

🧐 "What's the next step after Elements?"

This is it.

Sequences develops your ability to move with confidence and intention in fast-moving athletic environments.

You build balance. Spatial awareness. Strength at any angle. All culminating in fluid, agile movement across all your activities.


Build the class of skills that makes you better at virtually everything.


Customize your training schedule with calendar integration and optional reminder emails

Next-level agility and movement flow

Follow a proven system to make continuous progress without getting stuck.


🧑‍🎓 You've finished our Elements program (or at least made a serious dent in it).

✅ You can complete this movement assessment comfortably in both directions.


📱 Follow the program on any smartphone or computer in your web browser.

🤸‍♂️ No equipment needed. You just need enough floor space to safely move around. 


You build only the capabilities you need to perform a specific skill. (AKA party tricks.)

A foundation of useful capabilities you can combine on the fly to adapt to the environment and achieve your goals.

When you invest in broad-base skills you get better performance and faster skill development across every activity you do.

That’s what Sequences develops.

Structured Training

We show you exactly what to practice each session so your capabilities constantly improve. Zero guesswork.

The GMB Method

We've tested and refined our teaching method with over 100,000 clients. If you put in the work, you will get results.

Brilliant Support

Your questions are answered by trained coaches and experts, not the scripted temp workers you get some other places.

Narrow-Base Skills

Broad-Base Skills

From clunky to buttery smooth—Sequences walks you through every step.




Granby Roll

90-90 Transition

Pilot Freeze

Coffee Grinder

Colt Twist

Floor Kip

Session-by-session we guide you to put these together with 6 accessory moves into 46 different combinations.

These combos are sequenced (ahem) to progressively develop your... 

Over the course of about 50 sessions (depending on how you choose to progress) you'll smooth out your transitions and build up your balance and control in complex movement patterns. 

Developing your capability for...





Express power and stability through every angle, position, and range of motion.

Be controlled and responsive in rotational, multi-planar, and transitional movements.

Improve your overall stamina, as well as in key movements and body areas.

Smoothly and efficiently link level changes, rotations, and inverted skills.

Flow 1 - Late for School

Connect explosive skills with high-low level changes and rotational movement.

→ 5 Moves
→ Trained up with 7 targeted combinations
→ 31 exercises to develop the underlying ability

Flow 2 - Evasive Maneuvers

Demonstrates balance and spatial awareness with rolling, twisting, and controlled strength.

→ 6 Moves
→ Trained up with 8 targeted combinations
→ 40 exercises to develop the underlying ability

There's no shortcut to fluid, agile movement. But you can save a lot of wasted time by following a proven plan. 

Sequences is that plan. Here's how it works...

You'll practice a total of 107 different exercises to build up your ability to perform these 8 core movements:









Get the complete plan for developing smooth, responsive flow:

The flows are fun and impressive looking. But it's the whole process of building you up to them that makes you strong, agile, and much more fluid and controlled in how you move. So you get...

✅ Less hesitation and rigidity
✅  Pick up new skills faster
✅ Stay balanced and responsive in any postion

In other words... you get the effortless grace and efficiency of a true athlete.

You get 2 full program tracks to tailor Sequences to your needs:

Skill Development + Conditioning

Skill Development Only

And since the way you use Sequences depends on your goals and what you're already doing...

  • Full capability-development curriculum
  • ~50 sessions
  • 30 and 45-minute session options
  • Add movement training to your existing routine
  • ~50 sessions
  • 15 and 30-minute session options

You get lifetime access to both tracks. So as your goals and routines shift over time you can revisit and repeat them to keep making progress.

🙋‍♂️ Is this right for me?

Get results without throwing off your schedule.

Move with the fluid confidence of an athlete.


Two final flows for movement mastery.

Trusted by over 106,341 clients...

How is this different from Mobius, Vitamin, or Floor Loco?

Unlike the cheesy (and often fake) before-and-after shots from most fitness companies, these results are typical. If you put in the work, Sequences will teach you to move with effortless control.

"Really pleased with this programming! I have a yoga and strength training background and I am so impressed with the way that GMB takes the best of those movements and programs them in a way that they are fun and dynamic. I find the "ease into the movement" approach to be effective at building strength over time. I am working through Elements and I also really like that I have the option to start with 15 minutes and build up to 45 as I get better. Love it!"


"I used to crank out bodyweight workouts. Exercised because I had to. Then 6 years ago I found elements. Been doing element style workouts ever since. I really like the app. How it arranges the exercises. I move great, can chase my kids. And I don't hurt myself when I do it. I like the approach to play. And I can push myself as much as I like. Taking the workouts to really hard, or something to move my body after hours of working."


"Coming from a background in both yoga and calisthenics, I have absolutely loved Elements. It feels like a perfect combination of both worlds. I am working through my third go-round with the program and have never moved better! As a pleasant side effect, I have way fewer aches and pains than I used to when practicing yoga or calisthenics and I have a ton of fun playing around with the movements. The pre, practice, play, push framework is also fantastic."


"I have been using this for a few weeks now. It is very easy to follow and I have reached out with problems I have had regarding some challenging movements. They have returned lightning-fast solutions! The value for the price is amazing."


"As a 42 year old, dad of four boys. I was freaking out about how my body was letting me down. I had a bad back. Lacked mobility and I was increasingly struggling with keeping up with the boys or doing my karate without significant discomfort the following day. I toyed with the idea of GMB fitness for a while, but after seeing an online sale I started on Elements. It was an eye opener! I loved the way it gently layered on the exercise level to slowly build my core strength and flexibility. From there I added Floor Loco and GMB Mobility. All of these have added strength and flexibility to my life. My back pain has dissipated significantly I’m feeling stronger and more flexible. I’ll be started the next program as soon as I’ve finished with GMB Mobility and Floor Loco. Bring it on! I love the scheduling and Team style and support."


"I have done a few of the GMB programs now and love them all! They are so fun to do and I am getting stronger!"


"This is my third run of Elements:  It feels as though every time I revisit a movement, I learn or feel that there's something more to it. I love the rate of progression of the movements and feeling the transitions, and I particularly enjoy being able to use them to assess or address any "sticky points" that may creep up that day.  For me, it's a perfect addition of mobility work to jiu-jitsu training."


"I absolutely love the variety that GMB offers. I have been consistently using GMB for nearly three years and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I am currently using integral strength and elements daily. I can honestly say that I have been challenged and thriving far more than the previous 28 years of lifting weights. I am looking forward to the new programs that GMB will offer."


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Movement Curriculum Bundle

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• Zero equipment needed

Move with precision, ease, and the confidence you see in seasoned athletes.

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Build Strength & Movement

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  • You get Elements plus 2 more top recommended programs

  • Dedicated Mobility program for efficient ROM gains

  • Proven bodyweight strength program for power and endurance 

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Movement & Attributes Bundle

• Elements and Sequences for athletic capability

• Integral Strength: Fully Equipped and Mobility to boost performance

• Resilience, Respiration, and Recovery for consistent gains

• Zero equipment needed

You’re getting years’ worth of proven, repeatable training for less than a month with a personal trainer.

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Get Total Physical Autonomy

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Get lifetime access to the complete curriculum for physical autonomy.

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